General description
    Lee Kyu Hwan(Angel Lee) who use Korean traditional color palette Saek-Dong which has five pure colors such as white, red, blue, green and yellow for her painings.
Brief History
  • Graduate Sung-Shin Woman's University.
Solo Exhibitions
  • 2008 Held the 9th solo exhibition (Gallery Hwite, Seoul)
  • 2007 Held the 8th solo exhibition (Go Museum, Seoul)
  • 2005 Held the 7th solo exhibition (Kumho Museum, Seoul)
  • 2003 Held the 5th solo exhibition (Gallery Asiya, Kobe, Japan)
  • 2003 Held the 6th solo exhibition (Gallery Asto, LA, USA)
  • 2002 Held the 3rd solo exhibition (Insa Art, Gallery Peace, Seoul)
  • 2002 Held the 4th solo exhibition (Gallery Naw, Osaka, Japan)
  • 2001 Held the 2nd solo exhibition (Gallery Cho, Seoul)
  • 2000 Held the 1st solo exhibition (Gana Art Space, Seoul)
Group Exhibitions
  • 2009 Exhibition Soul Ideologie (Korean Cultural Service Gallery, New York)
  • 2004 Exhibition of colors and Light (Seoul Art Center, Seoul)
  • 2002 Exhibition of Green (Insa Art Plaza, Seoul)
  • 2002 Seoul Art Fair (Seoul Art Center, Seoul)
Design Works
  • 2006 Designed Saek-Dong Kitchen ware, tea plates and cups for HanKook Chinaware
  • 2005 Designed Poster for International Film Festival for Children
  • 2005 Designed Cheong-Gye-Cheon, Seoul, Wall of Saek-Dong
  • 2001 Designed calendar for KorAm Bank
  • 2000 Designed calendar for PSPD, People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy
  • 2000 Designed poster for the French Council Korea
  • Cheung-Gye-Cheon: Wall of Saek-Dong
  • Nationlal Cancer Center
  • Hyundai Department
  • ChungWoo Center
  • MaSan Shinsegae Department
Books & Articles
  • A Sheep Flying In The Sky
  • Saek-Dong Jesus
  • Doong-ji Bird and Khok-ji Bird
  • A Precepts Of A Family Of Fools
  • Contributed articles and pictures to various newspaper in Korea: Korea Central Daily News, Hankyoreh Daily News, Commercial Bank Paper.